Final Project – Week 3. Sourcing/Research

This week I have decided on working on the more visual aspect of my project. As my project is an investigation into the aesthetics of code based digital art, I have currently been researching Generative Art, A visual art form which renews, grows and fades, due to the coding that was used in processing. Some Generative Art is even interactible via keyboard and mouse.

An Example – JS006: Slow Spines by zenbullets

This whole website,, hosts many different kinds of Generative Art, amongst with giving the source code, allowing users to see how the art work was made. This website is pretty ideal for sourcing different pieces of work.

I have also been looking at the work of James Proctor, a digital media artist who produces work based on natures own algorithms, which is pretty interesting. This article demonstrates this along with an interview which he talks about his thought process, and also the coding side of things.

Article with interview with James Proctor

He also has his own website set up, which showcases digital-sketches, animations, GIFs constructed from code etc.

James Proctor Website

Amongst with looking at other artists work, to totally encompass the area of code-based digital art, I have downloaded Jahshaka, which is a video editing software, similar to Adobe After Effects.

From this point on, I will start sourcing and processing the audiovisual composition for this investigation.